ELT Living Wall System benefits

1. Water Management:

The ELT Living wall system is Manages water in a sustainable way due in

part to the water retention properties each panel has. Each cell in the panel can

retain a certain amount while still provided in good drainage and aeration of

the growth medium.



2. Ease of Installation:

                        The ELT panels can be easily planted and mounted either directly on to a wall surface or on to a stand alone frame. Weight of a fully planted panel is approximately 15 to 20lbs saturated to make handling and mounting easier. Mounting options are available for virtually every installation in including curved walls.


3. Modularity:

                       The modularity of the panels means they can be easily installed, removed and re-installed for maintenance purposes. It also means the wall can scale to any size large or small.


4. Erosion Control Properties:

                        Each panel has a matrix of angled cells in the panel that stabilizes and supports the growth medium and vegetation. Panel depth of 4 inches provides for a wide plant selection with optimum stabilization of roots system.


5. Recyclability:

The panels are recyclable but more importantly reusable. They can be planted and replanted if someone chooses to change the plantings. Manufactured with a durable and strong poly resin they come in both commercial and non commercial grade material providing a net positive life cycle.


6. Flexibility:

                        ELT Living wall systems provide ultimate flexibility enabling their use in many applications. Interior and Exterior applications, Flat or Curved walls ornamental and edible plants are all options with this system.