ELT EasyGreen® Benefits


1.      Water Management

The Vegetation Carrier is comprised of a plastic carrier and Bio-Blanket®. The water is stored until saturation in the reservoirs then drains through the drainage holes and flows to the nearest drain.  The Bio-Blanket® is able to wick irrigation water from a drip line system across the panels; putting water where it is needed (at the root zone) in a manner consistent with conservation. 

2.      Ease of Installation

The interlocking green roof panels make for a greatly simplified installation process as almost all the vital green roof layers have been pre-assembled into one component. Its lightweight construction makes it a perfect choice for clients looking for maximum benefitsand a light weight system.

3.      Modularity

The Vegetation Carrier Panels allow for easy handling and placement on the roof. The pockets make it easy to maneuver the panels. This modularity also provides the ability to easily access the roof deck if needed without destroying the green roof system.

4.      Erosion Control Properties

When fully established, the plants anchor into the bio-blanket providing great erosion control. The soil is also held in place by the dimples in the bio-blanket which increases the erosion control properties of the Vegetation Carrier.

5.      Recycled Material Properties

Black HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): UV resistant & 100% Recyclable

HDPE is one of the few plastics that can be recycled back into itself fully it is also more UV stable without as many chemical additives due to colour. This plastic is also very resistant to chemicals found in fertilizers ensuring a very long product life span. 

6.      Flexibility in Accessorizing 

If your roof can support the additional load of an intensive green roof you can grow everything from small trees and shrubs to vegetables and herbs. Many other details are possible with this system including paving stones, retaining walls, decks and even water features.